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Left and Right: useful when doing the hokey cokey, but past its use-by date for politics?

“I put my right hand in, I put my right hand out, In out, in out. shake it all about. …” — words to the popular 1940s participation song (from Wikipedia) Prompted by Bill Ralston’s use of the label ‘the Left’ above and an earlier comment in another thread wherein Ivan says: I’m not a […]

Oops, another Whale Oil truth FAIL.

First off, let me say this is NO Big Deal. But I find it mildly interesting and, since that reaches the threshold for blogging … Only an idiot would expect consistency from Cameron Slater In April, prompted by Cameron’s industrial-strength lunatic conspiracy theory that Twitter mention maps revealed undeclared ‘bias’ when journalists communicate with other people […]

Spin within spin. Laughable. (What? Simon Lusk AGAIN?)

Intriguing to see the subterranean right wing operative Simon Lusk dragged into watery sunlight AGAIN so soon after recent publicity. See David Fisher’s reports in the NZ Herald: National turns on hard right advisor and Ports and bloggers colluded: strategist. But it was swallow-your-coffee-quickly funny to see Simon Lusk’s business associate, the irrelevant Cameron Slater, […]

Mourning public figures The Right Way

I stayed out of a spitting contest on Twitter where a couple of imprudently timed tweets by Matthew Hooton anticipating an electoral contest in Parekura Horomia’s seat, now that he’s died, sparked a tide of abuse. (Just shows a spin doctor/PR supremo like Matthew can mis-step, too.) Now, Matthew is perfectly entitled to try to […]

Quantifying stalkers

We’ve talked before about my negative view of fake social media profiles and sock puppets, and how I think impersonation of someone (whether well-known or just pretending to be a real person other than yourself) is unacceptable. See: Spoofing David Fisher and Anonymous comment vs IMPERSONATION It’s one thing to consistently use an internet ‘handle’, […]

Monochrome. I knew it!

From Andrew Sullivan … Yep. Makes perfect sense. – P You might be interested in reading this: Tribalism.

Judith Collins promotes her tame attack blogger

In a cold, lonely world, it’s good to know there are some things you can rely on. Like the visceral partisan loyalty of National Party attack blogger Cameron Slater. Cameron demonstrates his earnest support for his pick for next leader of the National Party: Papakura MP Judith Collins. Strictly speaking, Ms Collins is only his […]

Calling out haters like Cameron Slater

Recently, in a post Cameron Slater is social media “beef lasagne” I referred to the tactics of Pakuranga’s political attack blogger: Cameron’s schtick is fizzing up nonsense for the purposes of Shock! Horror! spittle-flecked and dishonest attacks on people with whom he disagrees online. His purpose is to ‘hurt’ them. If by his ravings and […]

Cameron Slater is social media “beef lasagne”

Oh dear. In another example of his near-pathological ‘I-can-dish-it-out-but-can’t-take-it’ mindset, Pakuranga’s social media thug Cameron Slater is emoting ‘upset’ about comments on Twitter. (sigh) This loutish, heavy-handed propagandist makes a habit of cyberstalking, goading and abusing public figures and those whom he perceives as the National Party’s political enemies … and some within the Party […]

This disgusting ad from the NRA is *meant* to offend us.

Nasty piece of work from the NRA. An abusive, half-thought-out propaganda hatchet job on President Obama disgracefully using the spectre of someone attacking his daughters. The idiocy of calling the first black man elected as president of the USA ‘just another elitist hypocrite’ is breath-taking — even for racist RWNJs like them: (See UPDATE below.) […]

A small update: now I am ‘a sanctimonious twat’, too, apparently.

Earlier this year, in discussion with Cathy Odgers (Cactus Kate) about certain RWNJ’s affecting to foam with outrage (see Wailing about death threats, forgetting what they’ve written themselves) I noted National Party hate blogger Cameron Slater’s marked tendency to spit insults at those who disagree with him rather than make the effort to mount an […]

‘As playful as he is psychotic’

I read this wonderful line in Michele Manelis’ preview of Skyfall, the latest Bond movie: Javier Barden stars as Raoul Silva, and brings the sinister-yet-comedic element to the story. This over-the-top baddie is as playful as he is psychotic, but of course, underneath it all, he feels that he’s simply “misunderstood”. Which reminded me of […]

Is John Key ‘hugging a corpse’? Does he have a choice?

It’s an ugly phrase, ‘hugging a corpse‘. I remember reading it a while back in relation to political management. A quick web search popped it up (in this part of the world) as one of National Party blogger Cameron Slater’s 13 ‘Rules of politics and guidelines for politicians’, thoughtfully transcribed by reporter Pete Bailey from […]

Well done Cameron

By chance, I caught a few minutes of The Nutter’s Club on Radio LIVE last night. Normally hosted by comedian Mike King, blogger Cameron Slater took the chair. The interaction I heard — a discussion with a talkback caller worried about the side effects of her prescription drugs, and concerned that her doctors weren’t listening […]

Criticism or demonisation? Thoughts about The Standard’s treatment of the Paganis

I personally still don’t buy the ‘left wingers making death threats’ spin promulgated recently with faux ‘outrage’, ‘sympathy’ and ‘concern’ by certain right wing political propagandists. (see: ‘Wailing about death threats, forgetting what they’ve written themselves‘) They’re just exploiting the evident divisions between some on ‘the left’. As they do. Making hay while the sun […]