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“Cameron Slater/Whaleoil is a bastard and we’ll do him over.” Reaping what you sow.

By happy coincidence, as I was driving with family to Hunua Falls (above) for a swim and a picnic on Good Friday, I tuned into Radio NZ National in time to hear a panel discussion from a book festival held in Christchurch last year. It featured Guardian reporter and The Snowden Files author Luke Harding, Perth (Australia) […]

Leaving ‘Dirty Politics’ questions hanging. (It’s a PR strategy)

This recently published wrap of one aspect of the PR attack blog activities of Cameron Slater1 on behalf of his clients idealogical soulmates illustrates a couple of things. 1) Calls to ‘seek answers’ from corporate groups (like the Ports of Auckland, or even Auckland Council) to ‘questions raised’ will often be ignored. People and organisations under […]

Fran O’Sullivan calls for a wider inquiry into Dirty Politics allegations

Worth reading. Fran O’Sullivan says she told Cathy Odgers she was “damn angry about being drawn into a MH [Mark Hotchin] sting.” Well, well, well. I’ll put some comments up later. (It’s just too nice a Saturday morning to be blogging.) – P

High Court serves a mixed bag for PR attack blogger Cameron Slater

Here are some relevant excerpts of a High Court judgment* released today on the vexed question of “Can PR attack blogger Cameron Slater hide his clients’ names from someone suing him for defamation by claiming his extensive campaign of PR hits were ‘journalistic’ in nature and heck he is entitled to ‘source protection’?” Basically, the judge has […]

Returning to the scene of the crime (or How I fell for Jason Ede’s spin)

As I ‘confessed’ in my reaction to Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics, I fell for the deceptive spin on the extraordinarily rapid ‘service’ National Party attack blogger Cameron Slater was given on his 2011 OIA request for SIS briefing notes. The Prime Minister’s office’s role in this ‘hit’ on then Labour leader Phil Goff is […]

Cameron Slater’s extraordinary attempt to gag the news media [FAIL]

PR attack blogger Cameron Slater has failed in his bid to stop the news media reporting material from his email and Facebook accounts. He has, however, succeeded (perhaps) in silencing ‘Rawshark’ — the hacker who so clinically distributed evidence to support the allegations and narrative of Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics. Cameron Slater, the book alleges, was […]

Read it and weep. Nicky Hager’s ‘Dirty Politics’

Nicky Hager‘s important new book Dirty Politics – How attack politics is poisoning New Zealand’s political environment is out (and quickly ‘sold out’ in some places). The information in Nicky Hager’s book exposes — and for some of us, confirms — our worst fears about the grubby activities being undertaken by nasty, dishonest people to manipulate politics in […]

Hate blog gets [comprehensively] jammed. Beats a letter to the editor, I guess.

Trust Cameron Slater to go too far with his brainless hate speech. As is recorded elsewhere on the internet (e.g. Whaleoil stranding, day three: After meeting with police, Slater preps new server for site’s return – NBR) apparently Cameron Slater’s odious hate blog has been subject to some interference. It seems, despite Cameron Slater’s connections […]

Target of Cameron Slater’s ‘campaign’ speaks up

If you’re following the issues we discussed in ‘Part of the news media? or a “PR blog” dedicated to “destroying” reputations?‘ there’s a worthwhile post over at The Standard which offers some background and argument from the point of view of Cameron Slater’s target, the man who is suing him for defamation. Read it here: […]

Part of the news media? or a “PR blog” dedicated to “destroying” reputations?

Apparently attack-blogger Cameron Slater is considering appealing a recent court judgement denying him a journalist’s conditional protection of sources. The ‘whale oil’ blogger, with close links to the National government including his pick for next leader of the Party, Justice Minster Judith Collins, is facing trial next year accused of defaming an Auckland businessman through […]

I’m guessing the Ports of Auckland company PAID to ‘quietly’ settle their privacy breaches

A whimper, a confidentiality agreement and a bank transfer — that seems the likely end to the Ports of Auckland’s dirty tricks PR campaign against its unionised workers [details here: Of bloggers, dogs and fleas. The Ports of Auckland’s ‘ethical and legal breaches’]. I almost (almost) feel sorry for companies who are ‘sold’ on the […]

Orchestrating smear campaigns against your rivals is seen as dodgy in business, so what about politics?

South Korean cellphone manufacturer Samsung has been censured and fined for organising a campaign to denigrate one of its competitors by paying for derogatory comments to be posted on the internet. According to a finding by Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission Samsung paid contractors to pose as cellphone users and post comments which attacked rival HTC’s […]

I think it’s OUTRAGEOUS that poor Simon Lusk’s name gets dragged into these dirty, shabby, venal, nasty political schemes time and time again. How must he be feeling?

Like this uncalled-for example, for instance, from this morning’s NZ Herald Who is Luigi Wewege?: John Palino man’s links to the National Party’s youth wing The political organiser who asked Len Brown’s mistress to reveal their affair belongs to the National Party youth wing. The Herald revealed yesterday that Luigi Wewege, a key member of […]

The same post-election vindictiveness we’re seeing in Washington DC? Probably.

If one loses an election (or the candidate/Party one was hoping would win loses it) there are a number of options for dealing with that. This is all I need to know about the political machinations behind a recent public humiliation … accompanied by a sworn affidavit. Ms Chuang was unable to be reached for […]

The ‘values’ & ‘goals’ of immoral political deceivers

This, from a (typically) excellent politics column by Charles P. Pierce goes some way to explaining why I feel such disdain for the dishonest political ‘operators’ whose activities I observe and highlight here now and then, and whose reptilian coarsening of political ‘debate’ I have come to see as so irredeemably negative. The second basic […]