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BlueChip: Running out of courts to appeal to

It’s a bad look when someone wins in the District Court, loses in the Court of Appeal, then wins in the Supreme Court. Still, them’s the breaks. What a terrible trail of devastation Mark Bryers and his BlueChip gang left in New Zealand — and that was among the people who got off their chuff […]

Window dressing

I was sorry to see this … Article here at As I said when the Lombard Finance charges were laid, I had quite a bit to do with Doug Graham and Bill Jeffries as cabinet minsters when I was a journo in the Press Gallery. I liked them both. This result will give pause […]

As part of this settlement, you agree not to tell the truth …

This clause, apparently an excerpt from a settlement between the borrower-victims of a mortgage issued by GE as part of the Blue Chip scandal, reminds me of something … “The borrowers agree not to comment adversely about the mortgagee or any member of the General Electric group of companies whether in New Zealand or elsewhere, […]

Words fail me

Not a good look for the Serious Fraud Office. Disappointing is an understatement.

Giving scumbags a second chance

Surely this is an argument for lifetime bans from business and legal practice. It was a surprise to read over the weekend that Blue Chip’s shonky lawyer had, like Mark Bryers and other crooks, come back for a second bite of the cherry — i.e. just as with Bridgecorp’s Rod Petricevic, the failure to drive […]

At last, some good news for the Blue Chip victims

The rather obvious injustice in this situation cried out for a remedy. Just what it will be remains to be seen. Many victims of the smooth-talking Blue Chip spruikers will never recover as it is. This will, I hope, send a message to those spruikers still operating (and their accomplices) that it ain’t over till […]