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John Key’s resignation? Pretty bold prediction, John.

In violation of the inverted pyramid model of news writing (most important factoids & points at the top) NZ Herald political writer John Armstrong buried his strongest line in the third-to-last paragraph of his narrative of Kim Dotcom’s appearance at the NZ Parliament’s Intelligence and Security committee last night: Outside the hearing, Dotcom accused Key […]

Miss Tibet

Now this was a surprise … Beauty pageant as political statement? (And spot the inner beauty/outer beauty point.) What do you think? – P

Of logs, eyes, and attributing motives

I got talking over lunch with a friend of mine, Graeme (who comments here at The Paepae as ‘Graeme’). 🙂 Afterwards, I asked him to send me his thoughts about an aspect of that discussion, and he sent me this. I found it good … and share it with you. – P — Peter, I’m […]

A sock-puppet called Scalia. A deceitful viper bearing false witness.

For those of you who are ‘over’ the recent controversy about internet take-down orders and indefinite gagging of a blogger, you might want to skip this post. If you’re one of the parties involved, or close to them, please don’t put yourself in harm’s way or at risk of distress by reading on … I […]

Consequences of our thoughts

Via my (very beautiful) niece* … Twee, but true. – P * This has kicked around in my wife’s family (therefore my kids’ grandparents) for ages. Good advice. from The Twits

A different kind of internet gagging. And the subtle wit of Judge David Harvey @djhdcj

It’s sometimes possible to ‘get a sense’ of an author by what they write. (Not always.) I’ve talked about the work of Judge David Harvey, New Zealand’s ‘internet judge’ quite a bit here on The Paepae. (See these posts.) I admire him. Because my interests in media/internet/publishing intersect with the sort of cases he handles, […]

Sir Robert Muldoon: ‘Always On the Record’

I remember an interchange I had with Sir Robert Muldoon back when I was a young Press Gallery reporter and he resembled an aged warrior chief — still with teeth, and claws and MIND more than sharp enough to puncture those he wanted to, don’t-you-worry-about-that. It’s here, in comments on my post ‘Banks: Doing the […]

Whoa! As a critic, this popped me between the eyes.

“Every time I assume a talented person isn’t painfully aware of the flaws in their work, I am wrong.” That’s a line in the middle of a thoughtful review/first impressions account of the pre-release iPhone/iPad software iOS7 by Frank Chimero. But as someone who is critical, sometimes repeatedly critical, of various people and institutions, his […]

Tripping over the paper trail. Spokesman says Mr Key advised cabinet about Fletcher link ‘orally’.

I remember writing a post before the last General Election, Hansard can be a real bitch, eh Mr Key? wherein I sympathised with noticed the difficulty some politicians seem to have remembering what they themselves said and how awkward that can be for them when they’re questioned about it in any detail. It’s not easy. Reporting […]

John Key is getting a reputation as a liar

This, from Emmerson in the NZ Herald today is pretty sharp: The euphemisms — ‘economical with the truth’, ‘not forthcoming’, ‘selective’, ‘evasive’, ‘spin’, ‘telling porkies’ — continue to fly (like pigs?) but how long will it be before the media and others in the mainstream start to describe the New Zealand prime minister’s performance by shorter, sharper […]

Misunderestimating* a player’s willingness to ‘burn the rules’

Reading a quite good column from Marco Arment about the Google Reader shut down, emerging competition and ‘free’ services (he’d earlier said, and I agreed: “It may suck in the interim before great alternatives [to Reader] mature and become widely supported, but in the long run, trust me: this is excellent news.”) I came across […]

See? This why I just don’t trust Google

Yeah, like a lot of people I use the Google Reader API to sync my RSS — but only because they monstered everyone else out of the “market” * and many of the standalone RSS reader apps (especially iOS based readers, but also Vienna and NetNewsWire) switched to use Google Reader to sync feeds, subscriptions […]

Calling out haters like Cameron Slater

Recently, in a post Cameron Slater is social media “beef lasagne” I referred to the tactics of Pakuranga’s political attack blogger: Cameron’s schtick is fizzing up nonsense for the purposes of Shock! Horror! spittle-flecked and dishonest attacks on people with whom he disagrees online. His purpose is to ‘hurt’ them. If by his ravings and […]

I would have thought Dana Perino would have learned about the risks of ambiguity

Bob Woodward’s credibility-eviscerating ‘I been threatened by the White House!’ (er, not really, actually) episode has seen a lot of ink and electrons spilt. I don’t need to add to it. But this short statement (above) from former GW Bush press secretary Dana Perino caught my eye because it wasn’t clear. Even my favourite right […]

Would this policy stop impostors and sock puppets … or just cripple Twitter?

No masks I noticed a comments policy at the foot of a fascinating, sad article on Frontline about Nancy Lanza: Raising Adam Lanza (worth a read). As we’ve discussed recently, there’s a ‘cabal’ or two of impostors pretending to be other people for whatever various disclosed and undisclosed reasons (see Spoofing David Fisher and The […]