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Try not to make it personal

Note: I wrote this post in March 2012, but it felt just too raw to post it then — too soon, as they say. So it languished, forgotten in my ‘drafts’ until today, when I searched for a reference to Andrew Sullivan at a White House dinner for my reply to Lucia Maria’s comment on […]

Ask Jay Rosen …

I mentioned recently in ‘Declaring where you’re coming from‘ how thought-provoking I find some of what NYU journalism prof Jay Rosen has to say about the present and unfolding future of news media journalism. Here, via Andrew Sullivan is a link to a work-in-progress: Ask Jay Rosen Anything It’s also worth following some of Andrew’s […]

Loyalty, engagement and criticism

Andrew Sullivan is a writer I respect. And that’s for a lot of reasons, whether I agree with everything he says or not. Elements of his ‘The Daily Dish‘ blog have been widely copied by the less imaginative* (Mental Health Break, Face of the Day, Quote of the Day, Tweet of the Week, blog ‘awards’) […]

Getting to know your ‘targets’

Via Andrew Sullivan, via Cameron Slater over the weekend, this interesting New York Times essay by Stanley Fish on how public ‘enmity’ can be a precious thing, and ‘meeting your opponents’ puts you at a terrible risk of ending up liking those you criticize. Good writing. But how could Habermas ever be taken away from […]