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@Gruber is worth reading about Amazon and Apple’s different approaches

John Gruber reflecting on Amazon’s Kindle tablet announcements … Amazon’s play … This was a good presentation, but it was a nearly perfect presentation for its intended audience of invited tech press, largely because of the way it positioned Amazon against Apple and the Kindle Fire against the iPad. … … Make no bones about […]

Government lapdogs?

TPMMuckraker How Lieberman Got Amazon To Drop Wikileaks

A three horse race to rule over the global distribution of digital content … Apple in front by a nose.

Worthwhile evaluation from someone who knows the publishing game better than most — and from more angles. Why Apple’s iPad is shaking things up with Amazon and Google from Martin Taylor’s e-report — digital publishing downunder When Apple launched its long-rumoured iPad tablet computer late last month, it fired a major salvo in the battle […]