I agree with this:

“The kind of people who say swearing is the sign of a poor vocabulary,
usually have a pretty poor vocabulary themselves.” — Stephen Fry.

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That said, I’ve seen the real ‘shock’ effect an outburst of hot, emphatic ‘foul’ language can have on people, including kids — but it’s the intent and tone, I think, rather than the words themselves that can have that impact, in my view. Nasty, cutting remarks or bullying abuse are quite a separate thing to using ‘naughty words’.

My wife tells me there’s research that indicated swearing increases one’s tolerance for pain — women in childbirth etc. I don’t know about that, but it sounds right.

If you like Fry (as I do) something else good from him is his 1995 eulogy of Peter Cook available at YouTube, thanks to some kind soul.