Here’s a simple mission statement which rings some bells for me and ‘Consumer watchdog blog’.

The Salty Droid editor's recent sworn statement to the US Federal Trade Commission (jpeg - click to enlarge)

I read it in this declaration to the Federal Trade Commission [PDF 1.6MB] by the editor of — whom I observe to be a fearless castigator of spruikers and online con artists.

I recommend this site whole-heartedly, as it was recommended to me by a friend (thanks, M***) … who, I think, itches to emulate SD and has more than enough ‘online bitchy’ to do it (umm, and maybe even more than he needs, at times?*) … based on some of our own interchanges. We’re still friends and I appreciate him.

To Jason Jones/The Salty Droid … wow, man, thanks for the inspiration!

As for’s mission statement … well, we’re not in SD’s class. We’re still finding our feet. The ‘spruiker-alert’ stuff is just one aspect of this blog. as you will see … but it’s evolving.  
For now, this is enough of a mission statement:

The opinions expressed by bloggers on are the personal views of the individual authors and do not reflect the opinions of Empower Leaders Publishing Ltd or any other company or its employees. The bloggers are unpaid volunteers who are not blogging as part of employment, ownership or contractual arrangement with any company or commercial enterprise.

For us, blogging is a creative outlet, a hobby, a diversion, something we do for self-expression — like archery or debating, public speaking, political commentary and occasional iconoclasm. gives us a chance to express what we think is important, interesting or entertaining … always influenced by our own interests and background. If you want to participate, Welcome!

– P
* I, of course, have it in bucketloads myself.