I was with my wife (She was driving, officer. It’s her car!) on our recent trip to Wellington when we popped around a corner in Newtown and followed the car in front of us … right into, apparently, a Bus Lane.

We spotted a bloke in a hi-visibility jacket (I think that’s the whole point of those) and saw he was taking pictures … of the two or three cars ahead of us AND OUR CAR. (Groan.)

That happened to me in Newmarket once, again by accident (I swear!) during the height of the controversial bus-lane-revenue-raising by the Auckland City Council where ‘Zere is no excuse. Ve will accept no complaintz!’ was the posture adopted.

Fine: $150, thank you very much.

So, it was a nice surprise to see the far more humane (and educational) approach taken in Wellington:


Good on them. Sensible.

– P