Pretty sharp cartoon from Emmerson in today’s NZ Herald:Emmerson Cartoon One-boat race

But last night’s Campbell Live report on the GCSB bill featuring an international observer* expressing astonishment at the Key Administration ‘kissing the feet’ of Washington DC, tells a different story. Watch it: Dissecting the GCSB bill

Click to watch at

Click to watch at

The team Campbell Live is doing a sterling job … and anyone who (stupidly) paints them as politically partisan is ignoring history and demonstrating gob-smacking shallowness or self-deception.

My hat’s off to them at Campbell Live.

Campbell Live makes the links ... (click to watch)

Campbell Live making the links … good journalism.  (click to watch)

Rock on.

– P

* Human rights lawyer Robert Amsterdam, now working with the Dotcom defence team.