What plagiarism looks like?
(click for link to larger image)

Link provided by Jolisa Gracewood in her blog post discussing her uncovering of Witi Ihimaera’s plagiarism.

Our lawyers prepared a similarly convincing graphic display for our High Court copyright infringement action, which may have helped the plagiarists in our case decide to settle the case last year.

Evidently, the examples we gave when we first communicated with the cowboys weren’t enough…
Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3

(Life is full of surprises.)

For the record, I do NOT equate Witi Ihimaera with the cynical lazy copyright infringement carried out by the IP thieves in our case.
I think the NZ Listener puts it really well on their cover this week:

Witi Ihimaera loved someone else’s words so much
he used them in his new novel.

Which is galling enough.
As I have said, he has my sympathy.