Say what you like about Paula Bennett’s [alleged] predilection for vindictively infringing other people’s privacy. Say what you like about her untenable denials and bullheaded refusal to acknowledge her transgressions (Privacy Commissioner findings notwithstanding). Say what you like about her perceived pulling-the-ladder-up-behind-her with respect to changes to training allowances for solo mums. Say what you like about the bombastic way she is handling her part of the National government’s campaign to ‘reform’/’slash’ (pick one) social welfare and the [alleged] cynical game-playing of her announcement timings.

All those items aside, the MSD/WINZ kiosk privacy fiasco shows this minister has been let down by public servants in her department to an astounding degree. (And yes, it could have been worse.)
She deserves better. We deserve better.
– P