But I always thought I’d see you again

I lost an old friend today. Farewell Andrew. – P

A couple of happy pirates (and a not so happy one)

Pirates (and cabinet ministers) Paula Bennett (left) and Judith Collins (right).

Pirates – and cabinet ministers – Paula Bennett (left) and Judith Collins (right). click to enlarge

Possibly they were celebrating the fact that it wasn’t either of them who was involved in an excruciating 16 minute interview on Morning Report trying to sell a bill of goods to Kim Hill like Anne Tolley was this morning. Oh dear me.

Click to listen at Radio NZ

Click to listen at Radio NZ

Plumbing ridiculous depths, Mrs Tolley – the Minister for Social Development – dismissing Judge Henwood’s recommendation for an independent inquiry said (towards the end): “In some cases they [State care abuse victims] have had an apology from me, and I was only a child at the time...”


– P

Update: Here’s a 2′ 10″ clip with that bit I referred to:

MP3 file

But I recommend you listen to the whole excruciating thing at Radio NZ using the link above.

Authenticity is not always a journey in a straight line

Where did this brave young woman have to get to? How low did she need to go, to come back with such courage?

I’m so impressed with how she comes clean and asks for support as she admits and challenges the grip of a powerful addiction and affliction.

I don’t know her or anything about her apart from what she says in this video blog, which I stumbled across tonight. But boy, I wish her well. Good on her.

Authenticity is not always a journey in a straight line.

– P

Farewell Leonard Cohen. RIP

I had enormous admiration for this giant, and also gratitude for the influence of his music – his soul music – his meditations and his anthems in my life.

Words, many more words, will be written and spoken about Leonard Cohen, and so they should. But not by me here today.

I have so much of his music, in so many forms and media, and some volumes of his poetry. I’ll go and dip into them now.


PS. For a year that started with David Bowie’s death to get to here. Wow. Really counting our losses.

Oh, Megyn Kelly now an even bigger target of Trumpkins

Well, this is a development …

Look at Newt Gingrich’s worldview. Trying to paint Fox News as ‘part of the establishment’ seems ludicrous, and even Kelly laughed that off. She did very well as he spun out.
But that was a terrible putdown of him at the end re working on his ‘anger issues’.

Judging from the outpouring of anti-Kelly sentiment following this interview, she’s not flavour of the month in the Trump camp any more. To say the least.

– Peter

Update: And this, from The Daily Show, demonstrates very nicely the ‘What-you-see-depends-on-where-you-stand’ aspect of media criticism (to which none of us immune)…


Lol. You have to laugh when realities collide.

New single from Kimbra

I like virtually everything this young artist delivers, as we have discussed. I could even see the (cough) good side of her ‘More than a bum’ soft sell video mockumentary ad for Wrangler jeans.

Here’s her latest …

Alicia Machado’s courage. Bravo

Alicia Macado is standing up in the face of personal abuse by Donald Trunp. Good on her. (Click to enlarge.)

The Republican candidate and his campaign are, once again launching attacks, insults and are attempting to revive slanders and false accusations about my life, in order to humiliate, intimidate, and unbalance me. These attacks are cheap lies with bad intentions. This, of course, is not the first time the candidate insists on discrediting someone or insists on demoralizing women, minorities, and people of certain religions through his hateful campaign. This is definitely one of his most frightful characteristics. Through his attacks, he’s attempting to distract from his campaign’s real problems and his inability to be the leader of this great country.
When I was young, the now candidate, humiliated me, insulted me, disrespected me both publicly and privately in the cruelest way. The same way this happened to me, it’s clear that throughout the years, he’s continued his actions and behavior with other women. Therefore, I will continue to stand on my feet, sharing my story and my absolute support for Secretary Clinton, on behalf of all women — my sisters, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, women within the community. I want to thank all of my Latinas and those who have supported me and given me love and respect for my career, and as a human being. I became a United States citizen because my daughter was born here and because I wanted to exercise my rights, among them, I wanted to vote.
I will continue standing firm in my lived experience as Miss Universe and even stronger with your support. I’ve been so pleased and honored by so many kind and heartfelt words. I’m focusing on my career and my work as a mother, and I will continue taking positive steps for the Latino community. I will continue being an activist for women’s rights and fighting for the respect we deserve. I appreciate all your love and thank you again for your support.” Many blessings,


Speaking of courage, her experience – day after day of harassment, by name — put me in mind of this…

Click to read about the report of the HRC on threats to journalists

Click to read about the report of the HRC on threats to journalists

It’s unacceptable for this misogynistic garbage to go on and on.

The dirty politics campaigns to “intimidate, harass and silence” demean us all.

– P

Jordan Williams judged to have a reputation that could be harmed

Jordan Williams after the jury's verdict was delivered at the Auckland High Court.

Deeply wounded political operative Jordan Williams after the jury’s verdict was delivered at the Auckland High Court.

The end of the beginning of the legal pissing contest between dark arts ‘Taxpayers Union’ propagandist and lobbyist Jordan Williams and idiot neophyte politician Colin Craig was reached on Friday.

The jury in the messy defamation case Williams took against Craig (in part, he said, to pre-empt threatened action by Craig) delivered a ‘record win’ for Williams. In their wisdom, after 10 hours deliberation, the 11 jurors found Craig had defamed Williams, and awarded not just damages, but punitive damages. The total awarded by the jury was $1.27 million – for defamatory statements made at a media conference and in a booklet published by Craig. Legal costs, and who pays them, will be another issue.

Not that I’m a huge legal brain, but the news at the beginning of the trial that it was the first Auckland civil trial for 14 years to be considered by a jury (instead of a judge) immediately signalled to me that an appeal – by one side or the other – was likely. With yesterday’s ‘breathtaking‘, ‘record’ sums awarded, that became a virtual certainty, even before Craig announced his disappointed surprise.

A final judgment (or award) seems some time off.  Continue reading →

If you’re entitled to – Register and vote

A celebrity ‘Get Out The Vote’ ad with a difference.

This 2016 US presidential election is “a tipping point.”

Hard to argue with that. Nor with the description of Donald Trump as “a racist abusive coward”. See what you think.

The harms of government hacking, and some suggested controls (Access Now)

This is another very good, clear explanation of some of the issues around government-sanctioned, usually secret interference with the internet. Well worth watching.

In justifications for these ‘interferences‘ (that’s the legal term) with our privacy and other human rights – like freedom of opinion and expression – much is made of the ‘threats’ that we supposedly face. But the perpetual secrecy and lack of notice these government agencies impose is, in my view, damaging to our democracies and damaging to the internet.

I’ve got a lot of time this speaker Amie Stepanovich. I think she’s very good and this presentation is worth your time, if you care about these issues as I do.

Also, here’s a relevant post on the accession.org website:
We can’t let governments hack away our human rights

– P

From the summary of Amie Stepanovich's report 'A Human Rights Response to Government Hacking'

From the summary of Amie Stepanovich’s report ‘A Human Rights Response to Government Hacking’

3 page Summary as PDF on Access Now site

Recommended: Stephanie Rodgers on Rawshark’s latest intervention

“Who was that masked man?” Rawshark breezes in and out.

This afternoon the whistleblower who fed Nicky Hager much of the material which formed the basis of Hager’s book Dirty Politics broke his/her self-imposed silence to shed some more light on the activities of Jordan Williams.

Currently Jordan Williams is defending his reputation by suing Colin Craig for [allegedly] defamatory remarks Craig made about Williams.

The twitter account @Whaledump2 whirred into life briefly with a series of  images which revealed somewhat relevant interchanges between Jordan Williams and Cameron Slater.

Stephanie Rodgers did a great job of summarising what was released and also makes some excellent points and commentary on her blog bootstheory.wordpress.com.

Check it out: Beware, creepy men of the right: Rawshark returns (briefly)

It’s a bit hard to avoid the conclusion that rightwing men are so lacking a moral compass that they happily exploit sexual intimacy to manipulate women to gain political ammunition.

If women were doing the same thing to men they’d be denounced as cuckolding honeytrap Jezebels from every direction. That’s the patriarchal double standard for you.

(Good on you Stephanie.)

– P

Erk! My emails! Wot?

Tl;dr version

There’s a been a problem with the email account for The Paepae  since April. Sigh. It’s fixed now. Please re-send anything you need to.  Thanks. -P

Longer version:

So, I went looking for my invitation to be a character witness at the Jordan Williams trial thinking maybe it had gone straight to spam, but discovered a setting was set incorrectly so ALL mail was being deleted on receipt. Unintentionally. 

Yep, ALL emails sent to this blog’s dedicated email account (Gmail, I know. Shame) since April have been deleted before they’ve reached me. Rats. 

It’s fixed now. 

So, if you’ve sent The Paepae an email since 29 April (or Carrick? replied to a reply I sent you) and you haven’t heard back, sorry. 

Try again. I haven’t been rudely  ignoring you. I just haven’t got them. 

– P

PS I’m drafting a note to my pals at @GSCBIntercepts to see if they can help, like that time they remotely reset the clock on my DVR, but they get really stretched around Kim Dotcom hearings, so I’m not too hopeful. 

“I don’t wanna be caught in your social machine”

I like Kimbra, as we’ve discussed. (That’s why she’s got a tag: Kimbra.)

She’s a smart, talented, no doubt hard-working artist and performer who writes songs that are deeper than your average pop earworm.

I’ve had this one, ‘Posse’, from her album Vows (which I bought on release) in my ears on some thinking walks recently. It’s been thought-provoking and meaningful as I’ve observed some machinations in the Twilight Zone of social media. I’m sorry for being so cryptic.

Check it out (with lyrics) below — see if you get anything from it.


Why does Jordan Williams expose himself to so much loathing, contempt and ridicule?


Jordan Williams shredding his own reputation as a lawyer by making inaccurate, incomplete claims in sworn testimony. Pic: Cameron Burnell/Fairfax NZ

Lawsuits are always risky. There’s a term for it: ‘Litigation risk’. As a person with a law degree, Jordan Williams should know that.

The boy-wonder with a penchant for deceit first caught my eye as the ‘front’ (as in, public face) of the grubby and dubious anti-MMP campaign ‘Vote for Change’. I wrote about that at the time and Jordan Williams features here at The Paepae now and then.

Prior to that, he’d apparently been hired to perform services for Don Brash during the ACT Party leadership coup which saw Rodney Hide resign. ACT Party stalwart at the time Cathy Odgers (Cactus Kate) summed him up thus:

This is funny too.

This is funny too. Jordan Williams hawking for work with Trevor Mallard(!) in 2012. Cathy Odgers slamming him down.

The VFC frontchild Jordan Williams is [a] supercilious little prick who acted like a second rate twit during the recent Brash ACT coup. If anything I shouldn’t wish to be associated with them.

Jordan Williams was later revealed in Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics as Simon Lusk’s apprentice, and David Farrar’s apprentice, and Cameron Slater’s apprentice – and as someone willing to look for sleaze on his masters’ political opponents. Hager records a ‘mission’ Slater Jnr sent Williams on to try to get some photos of Winston Peters in a pub. (Failed.)

He also points to a pattern of fishing for ‘dodgy’ or embarrassing communications …


I make no bones about it: I long ago formed a personal view that Jordan Williams is a shallow puppet and nasty, vacuous, sleazebag who, like Slater Jnr, will hypocritically use other people as weapons to attack his elders’ enemies. Just like Slater Jnr, accuracy is not his strong suit. This week, presenting his ‘evidence’ in his defamation case against Colin Craig, it seemed to me he again confirmed my view.

It’s been revealed in court this week – out of Jordan Williams’s own mouth – that he has repeatedly made untrue, “wrong” and inaccurate statements.

Things like: that he had personally seen a text message (“with his own eyes”) when he had not. *see footnote Continue reading →

Auckland Law Revue strikes again

Nice. Gotta love ’em. – P