Confucius shares advice for Facebook ‘friends’ …

Every word of this is true.

My sister-in-law came to stay at the weekend. On Saturday night over a very pleasant dinner we had a lively discussion about social media. She’s just joined Facebook and has, after some consideration, been accepted as a ‘friend’ by one of her three adult children … so far — the other two, 18 & 20, are still thinking about it! (As they are, ahem, entitled to do, of course.)

This led to a discussion about some of the issues around Facebook ‘privacy’; WHO you could/should count as your ‘friends’ on Facebook (i.e. what your criteria should be); and why some people seem to want to be everyone’s friend — thus ‘cheapening’ (in my view) the whole ‘friend’ thing.

Some people even seek Facebook ‘friend’ status with their business competitors or critics for reasons that make me feel bemused but queasy. (In my view the stigma isn’t worth it.)

Then, at dessert our guest presented fortune cookies. This was mine (I’m not kidding):

Confucius on Facebook? (image: my fortune cookie)

Confucius on Facebook? (image: my fortune cookie)

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The irresistible urge to “right wrongs”…

Apropos of my recent post “It must be true. I saw it on the internet.” This classic commentary on what drives much discussion on forums and blogs from Randall Munroe:

Duty Calls (Image:

Duty Calls by Randall Munroe


(You know who you are.)

Bob Dylan Chronicles vol 1


Just read it. Wow, what a beautiful book. Some of the writing is exquisite, and the insights into his journey, his influences and his drive to be the musician he wanted to be are extraordinary.

His homage to Woody Guthrie and later Robert Johnson are brilliantly convincing, and it’s worth reading the book just for them. An episode he related where a folk music expert/historian tried to tear down Dylan’s confidence and his ‘mission’ to bring Guthrie songs to the new generation (my interpretation) is a powerful lesson — not least because of how Dylan tells the account, and his despair. This guy’s proffering of un-asked-for advice — even down to playing Dylan records by musicians who were further along the Woody Guthrie path than even Guthrie — has parallels. We all run into ‘dream stealers’. How we deal with them is what counts.
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It must be true. I saw it on the internet.

My friend Marc posted a video on his website yesterday.
It’s interestng — a sort of “Oh. My. God. Social Media is not a fad. It is taking over the world!” manifesto … with waves of what Marc called “facts and figures that are hard to ignore”.

Having watched it, a few things struck me:
The increasing volume & frenzy of the soundtrack communicates a subliminal message of UNEASE — something “spooky” or out of control is happening, it seems to shriek, and its “facts” slides portray a world caught in the grip of something unsettling, even alarming — “Look out, it’s getting away on you!

(I personally find “Hurry, hurry or you’ll MISS OUT!!” sales pitches anathema … as well as unconvincing.)

But one of the “facts” presented in the video…

A bold claim from Erik Qualman

… a statement that “Studies show it’s [Wikipedia] more accurate than Encyclopaedia Britannica” seemed, well, implausible to me. And so it proved.

I met an Encylopaedia Britannica professional at a Digital Publishing E-book conference earlier this year and let me tell you, they are acutely aware Continue reading →


How to show off about your car, but soften the blowhard-ish bit:

Hi! My name is B**** Mc***, you may or may not have heard of me before, either way, that’s OK with me.

I’ve never been featured in the BRW Rich 200 (nor do I want to), hardly ever wear a suit and tie (shorts, thongs and t-shirt is my dress-code). I don’t drive a Ferrari (although my Mercedes CLK is pretty nice). I don’t have commercial premises with staff running around all over the place (home is where my heart is).

— quoted verbatim from fax spam spruiking this guy running free seminars showing how to get ‘seriously’ rich from the internet.

Which reminds me of Merlin Mann’s excellent comment:

“The internet is becoming this thing where it’s just people trying to become successful on the internet by showing other people how to become successful on the internet.”

“it’s no surprise that no one wants to be known as a cult”

The Destiny Church's covenant demands total support for their 'spiritual father' Brian Tamaki - even when he makes a mistake. (image: Hawkes Bay Today)

The Destiny Church's covenant demands total support for their 'spiritual father' Brian Tamaki - even when he makes a mistake. (image: Hawkes Bay Today)

A bit of local content… Destiny Church ‘sons’ swear oath of loyaltyNZ Herald

Meanwhile in the US:

Follow up article on Paul Haggis’ defection from Scientology (

When the Haggis letter emerged, Davis responded quickly and strenuously, telling the Associated Press that the church does not mandate “disconnection” for anyone and that such a break is a completely “self-determined decision.” (Regarding the Prop. 8 question, Davis’ comment was more vague: he didn’t say whether or not the church supported or opposed the measure: “We’re all for civil rights and the rights of minorities,” Davis told the AP. “We know what it is to be a minority and have your rights curtailed. We’re very vocal and consistent in our stance on discrimination against anybody. We take it very seriously.”)

Is this revelation, then, conclusive proof that Scientology is the cult that many claim? It all depends on what is meant by “cult.” Continue reading →

Well, who is?

(image: Huffington Post/AP)

(image: Huffington Post/AP)

Frankly, I’d worry if he said he was 100% certain. (Good on him for admitting it.)

There are two aspects of this job that I think are relevant to this discussion. One is that if the problem has a clear solution, then it doesn’t land on my desk. Somebody else has solved it.
So the only things I’m deciding on are things that are tough.

And the second and related point is that because these are tough questions, you are always dealing to some degree with probabilities. You’re never 100 percent certain that the course of action you’re choosing is going to work. What you can have confidence in is Continue reading →

“Silence is consent … I refuse to consent.”

(image: Encyclopaedia Metallum)

(image: Encyclopaedia Metallum)

The following just-published news story has a bearing on an episode of hypocrisy that caught my eye … and gave me more food for thought about one of our themes: What is it ‘right’ to do in the face of wrongdoing?

Or put another way, How should we then live? Read on…

Paul Haggis Renounces Church of Scientology in Blistering Letter

By Kyle Buchanan. | 25 Oct 2009

The Church of Scientology has long claimed many of Hollywood’s most elite talents amongst its members, but now, one famous Scientologist is leaving the church, and he’s not going quietly. In a candid, confrontational letter to Scientology top brass that’s just been published online, Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis (Crash) details the abuses and cover-ups that have forced him to to leave Scientology after 35 years. It’s a must-read.

The letter was originally published in four parts on the blog of ex-Scientologist Marty Rathbun, and it’s directed at Scientology’s current national spokesman, Tommy Davis. In it, Haggis takes Davis to task for doing nothing after the church’s San Diego branch publicly sponsored the anti-gay Proposition 8.
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Avenging Angel

I love the sound of the word Vendetta!

Vendetta! Say it with me, Vendetta! It has such a lovely ring to it. It almost feels as if you’re in Italy, with a great big knife, pumping it in and out of your worst enemy’s chest. Vendetta! Vendetta! Vendetta!

But the word itself, dissected by dictionary is, “…[] a blood-feud between families or other parties…” ( Hmmm… I think the sound and the imagery of vendetta can be so much more. Let’s explore shall we…

Vendetta, I think, depends entirely upon your conviction to the task at hand.

For example, returning to my earlier story of Robin Hood: Robin’s deceptions, lies and conciliations with Nottingham have become a thing of legend, in fact, today, the Merry Men and the new Robin Hood uncover more and more underhanded tricks that he (the old Robin) and the old Nottingham left behind (our order, you see, is apostolic).

I openly opposed Robin when I returned from Europe. Our little jaunt nine or so years ago made Robin a hero in certain circles. Today he and I are enemies. And while he no longer holds the post of Robin Hood, he and I, the Merry Men say, have a vendetta.

Shortly after returning home from Europe I met one young impressionable man whose mouth dropped in awe when he realized that I actually knew this Robin Hood personally. Continue reading →

The difference between a ‘disc’ and a ‘disk’…

They’re pronounced the same, but, technically speaking, there is a distinct difference between a disc and a disk. Continue reading →


Re my earlier post on censorship … look at this.


Critic — a definition

Whitney Balliett, 1926-2007  (image:

Whitney Balliett 1926-2007 (image:

A critic is a bundle of biases
held loosely together
by good taste.

— Whitney Balliett, Jazz critic and book reviewer for the New Yorker magazine 1954-2001.

Yep, that about sums it up. Does it for me.

(Of course, like beauty, ‘good taste’ is in the eye of the beholder.)

Sacred cows and calls for censorship

"Stop talking about it?" Huh?

"Stop talking about it"? Huh?

“Don’t mention the war”
— Basil, Fawlty Towers

I took some interest in a recent comment on a discussion forum which attacked a journalist for reporting bankruptcy proceedings being undertaken against a failed property developer — accusing the journalist of improper motives for the story.

The critic himself has a somewhat unfortunate track record in business and has demonstrated a striking sensitivity to his own actions being examined in a context of anything less than hero-worship.

In my work with Olly Newland I’ve had a bit to do with turning over stones in the investment jungle to see what creatures scuttle out from under — some of these self-described ‘experts’ are spruikers telling the gullible they are the country’s ‘top’ investors and developers, ‘millionaire-makers’, doing it all because they ‘really want to see you get rich’ or they’re on a mission for God or ‘for the poor’ overseas.

Their often long-winded sales spiels drip with golden promises, dreams coming true, ‘breakthrough strategies’, early retirement … and a life fulfilled by getting rich-rich-RICH! (Oh dear.) These sales pitches, sadly, seem to be frequently accompanied by misleading optimistic statements and [in my view] inadequately disclosed sales commissions etc.

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Wow, BRILLIANT writing!


Garrison Keillor (Image: Dennis Oda -

Petulance and the Prize

By Garrison Keillor

New York Times October 14, 2009 –

Evidently some people were disappointed that Dick Cheney didn’t receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and believe me, I sympathize — I thought Philip Roth should’ve gotten the literature prize instead of that grumpy Romanian lady with the severe hair — but it was Mr. Obama whom the Norwegians wanted to come visit Oslo in December and stand on the balcony of the Grand Hotel and wave to the crowd along Karl Johans Gate, and, face it, Mr. Obama is going to draw a bigger crowd than Mr. Cheney would have. When a man has shot somebody in the face with a shotgun, people are going to be reluctant to line up en masse in his presence lest he get excited again.

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I’ve always thought when facebook and twitter got mainstream the kids would leave for somewhere ‘cooler’… as happened to MySpace.

Now Miley Cyrus (1.1 million followers) has [reportedly] bailed on twitter… too trivial, too intrusive, too demanding, too ADHD-inspiring would be my guess. Watch her rap yourself, and observe her own entertaining ‘explanation’…

Twitter followers are not friends. For many, facebook ‘friends’ are often not friends either. Insincerity abounds. (Just like the ‘real’ world?) In my view there’s a lot of the commercial equivalent of ‘cupboard love’ happening on the internet, you know:   Continue reading →