Can there be any doubt that the NZ Herald is taking an anti-Winston Peters editorial line?

Repeated use of an unflattering photograph of a politician is one way newspapers reveal their biases.

Here’s today’s story (by the intrepid Claire Trevett) about a recent dinner — gasp! — involving the NZ First leader and Labour Party leader David Shearer. Look at the photo of Peters. Distinctly unflattering, isn’t it?

It’s also not the first, second, third, or even fourth time the paper has chosen to use that same Mark Mitchell snapshot to illustrate a story about Peters. See links below.

Now, it’s no skin off my nose, but judging by appearances, it seems pretty plain the NZ Herald possesses, let’s call it a point of view about Winston Peters … and by the repeated use of that photo they’re letting us know what it is.

Is there another explanation? What do you think?

– P

Why, it’s almost enough to make one wonder about the credibility of the words they publish.

UPDATE: I received a response from @NZHerald. See comments.