A friend I respect asked me today why I write here about some of the subjects (and people) I do. What do I hope to achieve? Coincidentally, I saw this (below) in the latest Parachute music festival magazine just this morning:

"Don't blame the dark for being dark. Blame the light for not shining in the dark." Nice point of view. Apparently it's the mission statement for a group working against pornography. (click)

That’s a different spin on Edmund Burke’s much-quoted saying: ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

I’m really not the bee’s knees, and don’t see myself as a saint, nor ‘the light’. Not at all. Really. Please. The Paepae isn’t going to save the world — this little blog is not a ‘global game changer’ as poormastery said (accurately) recently.

But, as I tried to explain to my friend, I’d rather attempt to put an alternative view of matters I’m concerned about in the ‘marketplace of ideas’. I’d rather venture a challenge, where I can, to those I see peddling deceit, hypocrisy and hyperbole. 

I’d rather try and fail than squeamishly (or hopelessly) abandon the debate to those happy to indulge in ‘dirty and illegal tactics‘.

How do you see it?

– P

PS Sorry if this comes across as self-important or self-indulgent (or sanctimonious!) That’s not my intention.