Interesting Gizmodo article* from a self-described ‘demanding power user’ of smartphones, describing a big jump in the latest version of Android … An iPhone Lover’s Confession: I Switched To the Nexus 4. Completely. (Leave aside the dumb ‘confession’ angle. They can’t help themselves.)

Ralf Rottmann is in love, he says in Gizmodo. (click)

Read his article and let’s talk.
I’ll wait.

Me? Still good with the iPhone, thanks. But I found it interesting to read Ralf’s reactions, especially his feeling iOS seems out-of-date in comparison:

… whenever I grab my iPhone for testing purposes, iOS feels pretty old, outdated and less user friendly.

User friendly is an important dimension. So, that’s news. I also like the sound of the colour-changing LED. I use the flash LED on my iPhone, and distinctive ring/text tones for specific people, and iOS provides for distinctive vibration sequences to communicate. But I liked the kinda Blackberry-like LED on my Palm Tungsten.

A commenter makes the point that if Ralf is so keen on customisation, he should ‘jail break’ his iPhone, which a lively community of geeks and enthusiasts has done since early days in iOS, benefitting from a wealth of open source and other tweaks I’ve never really wanted to experiment with.

I’m not a jaded pro-user like Ralf, so my priorities are different. No problem, no argument.

I think Google/Android has run up against the fragmentation of their ‘open’ OS for phones … I read the percentage of Android phones running even a relatively recent version of the software compares poorly to Apple’s iOS which has a smooth system for updates baked in, and a higher rate of uptake. Hence the ‘prime’ (Apple-like?) Nexus brand and this advice from Ralf:

What Samsung does with its TouchWiz modifications and many of the other tiny changes – and other non Nexus vendors, too – totally ruins the experience for me. If you’re coming from iOS I highly recommend choosing one of the Nexus devices with guaranteed updates and a clean Android environment the way Google envisioned it.

– P

* Ha! Sounds funny saying it.