My hat’s off to the Faculty and Students of the Auckland University Science department who put on a brilliant day for kids (and, ahem, accompanying adults) at yesterday’s Incredible Science Day.


Wow we had a good time and the place was buzzing. Special mention to the Wow Physics show which was a heady, indulgent mix of geekery, high voltage, aliens and explosions.

Best line:

“By themselves, Ricies don’t burn very well at all. You can try it at home. But add some liquid oxygen like this and they turn into rocket fuel!” Whoosh!

The Tesla coil blew everyone’s mind with two metre sparks but the explosives and pyrotechnics made a huge impression.

I would have loved to had an introduction to University science at such a young age (the boys I took are 9 years) … and following on the Brain Day we went to at the University medical school earlier in the year, well, I’m grateful that my son is getting a chance to imprint on the place and start getting a tangible picture of his post-secondary school study options — before he’s even left primary school.

Thanks to the Scientists for all the effort they put in — even a souvenir T-shirt for the boys!

Great stuff!