"Functioning within a network marketing model makes pricing and value changes difficult due to the compensation plan."

This is too bad. I thought this best-teachers-in-the-world-on-video model (a la Buckminster Fuller) had some real possibilities. (Thank goodness for iTunes, iTunes U, TED talks, BBC, NPR and a zillion audio & video podcasts that distribute terrific material — a great deal of it free).
The MLM structure (requiring a high monthly ‘spend’ from your ‘downline’) was the kiss of death as far as my own involvement was concerned. Once bitten, twice shy.

Then there was the way the world’s spruikers and hucksters rushed to get ‘on the faculty’…. or in some cases, just claimed to be, viz:

{Spritely Spruiker} is also a faculty member of the highly esteemed ilearningglobal community and presents his material alongside other world inspirational leaders such as Brian Tracy, Bill Bartmann, Harv Ecker and Jay Abraham.

… despite no apparent or discernible evidence for that, um, statement. (There’s a word for that.)
Unless ilearningGlobal also suffered a severe Quality Assurance issue?

Much has changed in the marketplace during the past two years. When we began, streaming HD quality video was a unique and distinct advantage, public perception of online video training and higher end pricing was the norm, speakers continued to protect most of their content and the global economy was still perceived as strong.

While we have continued our quest to be the cutting-edge leader in our industry, we find ourselves facing a vastly different environment. HD video streaming is more common, authors and speakers are giving away a great deal of content, online communities are low-cost or no-cost and discretionary spending is at a record low. All of this has challenged our pricing structure, particularly under our network marketing model.

We have taken great pride in being able to offer so much for so little and yet we find ourselves struggling to remain competitive and congruent in our value. Functioning within a network marketing model makes pricing and value changes difficult due to the compensation plan.

We remain committed to our goals and have worked around the clock to tweak and refine who we are and what we do in order to reach critical mass and the all important momentum phase. Every change we have made has been based on solid research, a committed Board of Directors, faculty members and the finest experts we could access. Without the critical mass, momentum and leaders emerging who can create and sustain a culture, our goals have remained elusive. The current market has compromised our pricing model for long-term strength and stability.

While giving the networking model every possible chance to survive and thrive it simply is not working as a value either for customers or for marketers. The Board of Directors has determined that the best way for the corporation to achieve its goals of delivering transformational training to the world is to move to a more traditional retail and corporate sales model.

Per the Marketer agreement terms and conditions section five (5) and Policy and Procedures section 11.4, we are providing a 30-day notification of the termination of the network marketing model.

Read the full statement here

The MLM switched me off, despite personally knowing (and liking) some of the people involved in the initial roll-out. I wonder how many others were likewise affected?
Right idea, mainly right people, wrong model?
As Olly Newland says (not original): Timing is everything.