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I drifted into a discussion last night about smartphone attention.

A cited statistic ‘people look at their phone 150 times a day’ struck me as way over the top.

But others disagreed. One (obviously a pitiful, addicted soul) even sent me a link in support: An Attempt to Validate the 150x Per Day Number Based On ‘Typical User’. But I remain unconvinced.

In my mind there’s a distinction between compulsive checking (scratching an itch or feeding a habit) and responding to incoming communication or alerts like reminders or alarms.

But, that said, if we’re discussing online ads or mobile ads, attention is attention. Which is why I use Safari Ad Blocker, glimmer blocker etc. Shoot me.

My own ‘usage model’ is that sometimes I leave my phone in flight mode until midday — i.e. it won’t ring, and text alerts won’t, whether  from people or robots like Twitter (which I use sparingly) —  if I’m working on something, usually writing or editing.

The umbilical cord of mobile technology should be cut now and then. God knows the entanglements will find us again soon enough.

What’s your experience?

– P