Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz. Better for all sorts of reasons.

Here are some relevant excerpts of a High Court judgment* released today on the vexed question of “Can PR attack blogger Cameron Slater hide his clients’ names from someone suing him for defamation by claiming his extensive campaign of PR hits were ‘journalistic’ in nature and heck he is entitled to ‘source protection’?”

Basically, the judge has allowed Cameron Slater and his website to be regarded as ‘news media’ and a ‘journalist’ (Congratulations) but prevented him from claiming ‘source protection’ in the defamation case he’s facing.

Slater must comply with discovery in the normal way and answer interrogatories, because Judge Asher rulled  it is in the interests of justice that his ‘sources’ be disclosed.

I don’t know if Justice Asher reads my blog (unlike Nicky Hager, who I know does) but see also [149](c) (and [138]) in the judgment which back up my comment in ‘Part of the news media? or a “PR blog” dedicated to “destroying” reputations?‘:

Whatever Cameron Slater says, my own observation of the campaign leads me to see it as the outworking of a vendetta — I don’t know whose. At question is: Was its motivation personal or was it ‘professional’?

It’s interesting how problematic Cameron Slater’s attempt to find refuge in ‘journalism’ is proving.




* Download the entire Court judgment here (PDF 330K).

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