You may (or may not) recall my posts ‘More deceitful photoshopping‘ and ‘Re-touching to the point of distortion‘ which sought to highlight the distortion of ideas and images of modern-day ‘beauty’ — thus setting an unattainable target for young women wanting to groom themselves to be ‘better looking’.

(Jenna Marbles’s ‘How to trick people into thinking you’re good-looking‘ video is a classic! Warning: coarse language.)

Well, look at this: Fox News host/hottie Megyn Kelly (who recently denied Fox News carries Nazi rhetoric — apparently without irony) was recently featured in a ‘gentlemens magazine’ … attracting the new media equivalent of wolf-whistles for her, erm, appearance.

It wasn’t until I was looking for a graphic of Ms Kelly (to, ahem, illustrate my blog post, I assure you) that I came across this report that on that said GQ had photoshopped ‘half her face away’. Blimey. Take a look:

DISTORTING BEAUTY: blows the whistle (click for link)

I think she’s beautiful enough without this trashy, deceitful fiddling. What do you think?