I swear every word of this is true.

A couple of days ago I tweeted a link about a ‘Blogger whose poos don’t smell …’

… referring to my post that day about [update:] recent tactics of the VFC anti-MMP campaign …

Luna, our new kitten.

Well, today after I picked him up from school, my son and I dropped into our local Veterinarian to get some supplies for our new kitten Luna (right) and got talking about different options for cat food. Did you know Vets recommend you feed cats the complete nutrient biscuits like, for their whole life?

Sure, the lady at the clinic told me, we could feed our kitten things like meat and chicken … if we wanted to … eventually. But then how would we know she was getting a balanced set of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidents? Better to stick with the ‘science’ biscuits. (Between you and me, I thought I detected a sales pitch.)

Then, almost as an afterthought, she added: ‘Oh, and the other good thing about those biscuits is  … it makes their poos less smelly.

And I laughed.  😉

Honest. – P