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When celebrity stalking becomes something else

Some of us of have heard of the email tracking service ReadNotify. Former National Party insider and ACC claimant-whistleblower-conversation recorder-lightning rod Bronwyn Pullar used it or something like it to ‘trace’ her emails to ACC (and who knows whom or where else?) and demonstrate, at least to her own satisfaction, that they’d been opened. Repeatedly. Here’s […]

Chuck Colson RIP

I’ve just seen the news that Charles Colson has died. He was most famous as one of President Richard Nixon’s henchmen but spent more of his life building a Christian evangelical ministry — which, long ago, was my only contact with him. From Slate: Watergate Figure Charles Colson Dies at 80… Charles Colson, often described […]

Tropical holiday

I’m a parent helper on my son’s school camp on Motutapu Island this week … so things will be quiet from me. Go well in the meantime. – P


Do your opinions invalidate your reporting? – continued

I can see both sides of this conflict, which is rarely spelt out so plainly. Honolulu mayoral candidate tries to get Civil Beat reporter thrown off campaign by Andrew Beaujon Published Feb. 17, 2012 11:38 am Poynter Institute Former Hawaii Gov. Ben Cayetano is running for mayor in Honolulu. And he does not like what […]

Whitney Houston RIP

Sad to hear today that Whitney Houston has died. What a magnificent gifted voice. RIP. -P

Hitchens on Clinton

He’ll say anything. He’ll try anything. He’s a complete solipsist and completely without scruple. Christopher Hitchens RIP

Wishful thinking about MMP. From both sides of the debate.

Predictable comments after the MMP referendum result, I guess. What caught my eye about this piece from Radio New Zealand is that it’s basically a platform for Jordan Williams to kvetch about how unfair it all was. His point, shared by his rabbit shooting buddies, appears to be that the anti-MMP debate was ‘lost’ because […]

Banks: Doing the basics very well

Experience counts. I appeared to briefly flabbergast John Banks on Friday when I asked him for a lift from the radio station to the venue for the now infamous ‘cup of tea’. Cheeky? You might say that, but it made sense: He’d just, at 2:00 pm, finished a session (along with ‘official’ National Party Epsom […]

Mystery object was a bug!

So. it transpires that the ‘cup of tea’ stunt was bugged, and the Herald on Sunday‘s intrepid David Fisher has the recording (kudos, David). How could that happen? And was it deliberate? Dunno. But simple almost always beats complicated … Here’s my shot as we were being shepherded out like geese by Wayne (right) and […]

Dan Carter – a nation groans

News of NZ Rugby star Daniel Carter’s injury (Carter ruled out of World Cup 3News) drew a collective groan. Oh, ouch. Not what we wanted to hear. Good luck to him and the team. Now that is a story which will dominate the ‘news cycle’ … and rightly, because so many of us care. Bugger. […]

Harawira: Fortune favours the brave

What do we take from ‘rebel’ MP Hone Harawira winning his by-election? … Even with a ‘slashed’ majority — from 6,000 to 867. Wait and see. Let the punditry begin. It must certainly be a victory sweetened by the decision by the Electoral Commission to register his new party, meaning he will be a ‘leader’ […]

Not a bad mission statement

Broadcaster Keith Olbermann recently gave an insight into his motivations and goals for a controversial segment of his show… “This ordinarily is where you would see our ‘Worst Persons in the World‘ segment,” Olbermann said Monday late into the broadcast. “For more than two months, I’ve struggled with its value. We suspended it for a […]

It’s raining Memphis!

… Memphis properties, that is. ‘Distressed’ or ‘bargain’ properties. Cheap cheap cheap!! A little while ago in ‘Safe investing means doing your homework‘ I mentioned that some members of the United Federation of Property Spruikers have moved onto shifting US properties to Kiwis and Australians. The exact commission structure (i.e. what’s in it for them) […]

Pike River mine disaster

My heartfelt condolences to the families slammed by this gut-wrenching event. Hopes dashed by the second explosion. Awful. And now grief, a companion for life. – Peter