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Deceitful “PR blog” questions worth considering

At the risk of creating a terrible circularity that could collapse the interwebs, let me suggest you read Bryce Edwards’ Political Roundup today (available here at The NZ Herald.) Bryce introduces his political topic du jour thus: New Zealand politics is ‘a dirty, disgusting, despicable game. And it involves dirty, disgusting despicable people at all […]

Haere ra, Mandela. RIP.

What a great man. What an inspiration. “The quest for reconciliation was the spur that gave life to our difficult negotiations process and the agreements that emerged from it.” — Nelson Mandela to Parliament, Cape Town, 25 February 1999 – P

Her majesty is not amused

Re-tweeted into my timeline … #teamjudith (in this case) – P UPDATE: Oh, someone else is not amused. Look who weighed in …with whatever-the-opposite-of-an-endorsement-is … via David Fisher

Conservatives’ Colin Craig vows to be ‘less casual’ about conspiracies

In response to this fiasco … Someone on the Conservative Party website asks … What’s the deal with all these ‘conspiracy theories’ that have been touted about in the media of late? The media are having a field day! It must be a low news week for them or something! – Maria “Here’s a response […]

Still one of my favourite photos of John Banks

So, facing trial for offences against the Electoral Act (no pun intended) John Banks is bowing out. See: Banks shuffles towards retirement No retrospective view of his career would be complete without mention of the now infamous ‘cup of tea’ with John Key at Newmarket’s Urban café. I was lucky enough to get a […]

One day in lobbyist land …

for Matthew Hooton and Carrick Graham. – P You may also be interested in: It’s only ‘propaganda’ if you’re talking about the other side, right, Carrick? and Smoke gets in your eyes, Carrick? Movie credit: My son.

Now, if Cunliffe had joked that Judith Collins was a ‘troll’ …

Actually, I read this introduction to a David Cunliffe blog post (apparently. I haven’t read it) as jovial, a play on words. “The original brief was to respond to a post by Judith Collins. My post was going to be about snapper, not trout. But considering that issue, along with Judith’s leadership aspirations, has floundered, […]

Puffery. Lies by another name?

I saw the emergence recently of a new ‘grassroots’ lobbying group and, unlike some spluttering online commenters, chuckled to see the personnel involved. It would be unfair and potentially misleading to call David Farrar, Jordan Williams and John Bishop members of a government/public relations rogues’ gallery, so I won’t. And anyway, seriously, how could anyone […]

Orchestrating smear campaigns against your rivals is seen as dodgy in business, so what about politics?

South Korean cellphone manufacturer Samsung has been censured and fined for organising a campaign to denigrate one of its competitors by paying for derogatory comments to be posted on the internet. According to a finding by Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission Samsung paid contractors to pose as cellphone users and post comments which attacked rival HTC’s […]

“Sleazy gutter politics is not my style” by @imperatorfish

Oh, you must* read this wonderful spoof by Scott Yorke: A statement from John Palino Nice. A highlight (for me): “Your decision to talk to Cameron Slater disappoints me, and no good will come of it. If I were you I would just forget about the whole thing. Move on with your life, and try […]

Emmerson – Palino’s diner

This, from Rod Emmerson in the NZ Herald, is one of those cartoons with plenty of subtlety* … it rewards scrutiny. – P *Like, for instance, the ‘speciality’, the puddle under Banks, and, is Slater junior wearing pants?      

I think it’s OUTRAGEOUS that poor Simon Lusk’s name gets dragged into these dirty, shabby, venal, nasty political schemes time and time again. How must he be feeling?

Like this uncalled-for example, for instance, from this morning’s NZ Herald Who is Luigi Wewege?: John Palino man’s links to the National Party’s youth wing The political organiser who asked Len Brown’s mistress to reveal their affair belongs to the National Party youth wing. The Herald revealed yesterday that Luigi Wewege, a key member of […]

The same post-election vindictiveness we’re seeing in Washington DC? Probably.

If one loses an election (or the candidate/Party one was hoping would win loses it) there are a number of options for dealing with that. This is all I need to know about the political machinations behind a recent public humiliation … accompanied by a sworn affidavit. Ms Chuang was unable to be reached for […]

The ‘values’ & ‘goals’ of immoral political deceivers

This, from a (typically) excellent politics column by Charles P. Pierce goes some way to explaining why I feel such disdain for the dishonest political ‘operators’ whose activities I observe and highlight here now and then, and whose reptilian coarsening of political ‘debate’ I have come to see as so irredeemably negative. The second basic […]

Echo chamber? Or seeing the world as one wants it to be?

I like receiving Bryce Edwards’ NZ Politics Daily newsletter. It’s a valuable digest of political issues seen through the filter of media coverage, including the blogosphere, and Bryce’s commentary is always worth a read. (Material from The Paepae features now and then too, which I also appreciate.) Yesterday’s missive reflected the theme of the Thorndon […]