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Mow-tee-vay-shuns – ‘It gets a ratings spike’

In, once again (remember the full page ad?), dismissing talk of her jumping the fence and running for office, journalist, Rhodes Scholar and doctorate in politics from Oxford, my hero Rachel Maddow gave an insight into what she called ‘opinion-driven news’, and the motivation of, let’s call it ‘erratic’ behaviour. (Think talkback radio hosts, and […]

Political pressure

On the giving end… Tom Scott nails it on the relationship between the Reserve Bank Governor and the Government of the Day. On the receiving end … pressure is mounting on Mr Popularity to pay the price of his coalition … … or not. Has John Key got sufficient political capital? Or has he been […]

Character, not rhetoric or ‘celebrity’: what we SHOULD demand of our politicians

Here are the last few paragraphs of a very good column in the Wall Street Journal ( from former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan. She’s writing about the US midterms elections, and does it with insight and verve, and her point goes wider … Conservatives talked a lot about Ronald Reagan this year, but they have […]

A fork in the road

Written with different events in mind (i.e. Rick Sanchez’s anti-semitic rant – since apologised for – and Juan Williams being axed from NPR following his revealing ‘When I see muslims on airplanes I get nervous’ gaff) this e-postcard made me chuckle about a local situation. It’s true: no one likes being labelled a racist — […]

Politics is a full contact sport — but there are limits

“This is a contact sport, politics. You can’t complain about being attacked.”  — Bill Clinton. He was probably quoting former US Senator Alan Simpson, who famously used the phrase ‘Politics is a contact sport’ in his 2002 Peltason lecture, and ever since, invoking it to describe his good mate Teddy Kennedy… Politics is a contact […]

Your tax dollars at work

This is how democracy should work. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Good on the Labour and Green MPS for pushing the issue. [NZ Parliament’s] Speaker Lockwood Smith has caved in to pressure to release MPs spending on their travel perks after political parties rebelled against his initial stance by releasing their own expenses. Today Dr […]

Let’s be reasonable…

Here’s a sign from the San Francisco satellite rally of Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity, inspired, I think, by a line he delivered on The Daily Show. I think it’s just brilliant. In my dealings with those with whom I strongly disagree about things that are important to me, I make a real effort […]

Jon Stewart’s closing remarks at the ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’

I was impressed with this (I’ve left it out of blockquote to help readability. It’s all Jon Stewart, including his description of the media as a “24-hour, political pundit perpetual panic conflictinator”): “And now I thought we might have a moment, however brief, for some sincerity. If that’s okay — I know that there are […]

Rahm Emanuel

Well, the mediagasm was right. He’s outta there … Too bad. “Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, was given a dead Asian carp as a farewell gift from colleagues before the former presidential aide resigned in order to run for mayor in his home town Chicago.” — “The mantra in the West […]

BBC – ‘The Interview’: Tony Blair

I listened to this interview twice last night (as a podcast).   I was impressed with Blair and his argument, I have to say. I always thought he was a great communicator, but didn’t expect to be struck, even inspired by his reasoned resoluteness and his thoughts about the challenge of radical Islam and Iran’s […]

Agree or disagree?

A Member of Parliament admits he has a criminal past. But he does it very badly, slowly, and destroys his own credibility in the process. I agree with this comment from my old Press Gallery colleague John Armstrong: When he was asked on Tuesday if there was anything else in his past which warranted mention, […]

Cameron Brewer — a fresh face

I had the pleasure of Cameron Brewer‘s company at a looong lunch at the Auckland Club a while back — a gaggle organised by David McEwen. (Thanks again, David.) He’s an ebullient, engaging guy — and pretty clean-cut, it seemed to me. Just like his well-designed billboards, one of which I spotted yesterday. I may […]

Te Radar’s Eating the Dog — well done

Last night I was packed into a school hall with a bunch of my neighbours — not because we’d been evacuated from earthquake-damaged homes like the afflicted of Canterbury, although they were on our minds — as part of the audience of a very clever, well-written and well-delivered ‘romp through the pages of our history’. […]

The worst stuff isn’t even in there?

Wow, I thought the ‘It came from Wasilia’ profile on Sarah Palin by Todd Purdue was eye-opening. She also came off pretty badly in that book I hoovered up over a wet weekend Race of a Lifetime … but read this piece from the current Vanity Fair – ‘Sarah Palin: the Sound and the Fury’. […]

OK. I’ve heard of selling your grandmother …

Oh boy! The first ever ‘All-Conservative Email Service Provider’! YOUR Don’t miss out! [snort] Send Michael Reagan $35, get a e-mail address! by ALEX PAREENE 30 Jul 2010 For the low, low price of $35 a year, you can trade in your tired old “free” Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail e-mail address […]