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Another unflattering profile of propagandist Roger Ailes

The next issue (June 2011) of Rolling Stone features an extensive profile of Fox News supremo Roger Ailes. The guy fascinates me — well, better said, his tactics do — it’s really good to read some hard-out comments about the lack of veracity but enormous influence of Fox News and their propaganda machine. It’s like […]

They’re playing our song (or whistle-blowing it?)

I don’t know if you’ve heard about Frank Bailey — he’s a former Sarah Palin aide who has written a ‘tell-all’ memoir of his time working for the high-profile former Governor and vice presidential candidate. Frank Bailey says he’s not bitter or being vindictive. He says writing the book Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A […]

Things that aren’t supposed to be said

Following up on my post the other day about deciphering political codes, highlighting how political campaigns sometimes try to imply the unsayable (like ‘Keep Howick White’) … here’s a fantastic article by Gabriel Sherman in New York Magazine about Fox News supremo Roger Ailes dealing with unstable wunderkind Glenn Beck … which relates to the […]

Political code words: signals to the faithful

I don’t know Dick Quax personally but my daughter met him out campaigning and said “He was lovely”. The former Olympic runner is heir-apparent to FYT (fine young Tory) Jami-Lee Ross‘s super-city Auckland Council seat now that Jami-Lee has begun his sentence term as National Member of Parliament for Botany following Pansy Wong’s resignation under […]

Don Brash’s ACT will cannibalise National

I like (agree with) John Armstong’s analysis of the nothing-if-not-brazen Don Brash takeover of ACT. And I agree with his take on whose political problem his ascendancy is… “With Labour down to its core support, the only source where Brash can realistically pick up votes is from National”. Yup. Ruthless Brash now National’s problem … […]

Richard Griffin: charisma and connections

Congratulations to my old boss ‘Silver fox’ Richard Griffin on his appointment as chair of Radio NZ’s board. A bunch of critical people are acting as if they can already read his mind. We’ll see. And then there’s this from John Drinnan’s piece: Griffin is well known in political and media circles with close friends including […]

A voice in the wilderness? Or reclaiming the Grey Power mantle?

‘Peters launches his comeback with punchlines’ — Dominion Post 16 April 2011 Read  Kay Blundell’s article and tell me one other contemporary Kiwi politician who would talked about this way. This man has come back from the dead before. (Just sayin’.) Don’t underestimate his political instincts and populism. How much traction he gets in the media […]

That was ‘not intended to be a factual statement’

Spin doctors for this nincompoop junior senator from Arizona Jon Kyl afterwards excused his blatantly false statement (Abortions are ‘90%’ of what Planned Parenthood does — actually 3%) on the Senate floor with a line: ‘That was not intended to be a factual statement’. Oh boy. Nutty. Which, of course, rightly, is like candy to […]

Secret? Er…

Does anyone else have a bad feeling about this? It reminds me of ‘Joe Wilson’s War’ in Afghanistan, Ronald (‘I don’t recall’) Reagan/Oliver North’s Iran-Contra deal … and, WikiLeaks or not, how is THIS supposed to stay ‘secret’? Huh?

Overcome the past by FACING it

This article (below) from The Guardian‘s ‘Comment is free’ site reminded me of the wonderful, uplifting movie The Lives of Others which featured the late Ulrich Mühe in the role of a world-worn East German secret policeman whose job it was to bug a playwright’s apartment and report on the goings on. I won’t spoil […]

Lowest form of life?

Not a bad column from Michael Laws in the Sunday Star Times today. He’s worth reading when he writes about things he knows about… and there’s no question he knows about political ambition. Not that the game isn’t intoxicating. We both know that it is. Parliament and politics is its own world. And the only […]

Speaking what seems to be true re CNN & Tea Party Express

Impressive and worth watching — Rachel Maddow on CNN’s decision to air what they (CNN) described as the ‘OFFICIAL Tea Party response’ to Obama’s State of the Nation speech: CNN presented an alternate reality of their own making, one in which their debate partner officially speaks for the Tea Party and in which the Tea Party […]

The glitch

I mentioned in a comment the news that Rahm Emanuel’s bid for his ‘dream job’ of Mayor of Chicago had hit a snag. Of course the split decision by the Appellate Court to boot him off the ballot for the election is being appealed. (Who wouldn’t?) But now, it appears the narrative is undergoing a […]

There’s consequences to that action …

As I see it, Gabrielle Giffords (‘whom the authorities called the target of the attack‘) is a victim of the partisan climate of hate engendered by political differences and the hateful abuse by some Republican ‘leaders’ of their opponents (‘The Left’) as enemies — like, in war! Some use that rhetoric and emotional energy for electoral […]

You don’t have to make stuff up.

In a nice bit of straight journalism (yes, there is such a thing!) CNN’s Anderson Cooper in his ‘Keeping Them Honest’ slot this week debunked a nasty piece of work by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who, as he put it “used up our air time last night, rather than answering questions about Medicare…and she chose to […]