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Maya Angelou on Nelson Mandela

One of the reasons I run this blog* is to post inspiring material like this … a great spirit farewells another: Wonderful. – P (* as much for me as for you)

Nice tribute to Nelson Mandela on Apple’s homepage

I see that as a good example of the company’s consonance with my liberal values. Heartwarming. Hateful or cynical comments will be deleted. – P

Haere ra, Mandela. RIP.

What a great man. What an inspiration. “The quest for reconciliation was the spur that gave life to our difficult negotiations process and the agreements that emerged from it.” — Nelson Mandela to Parliament, Cape Town, 25 February 1999 – P

“You just feel kind of satisfied with your products, and then you die.”

Nice to hear Louis CK saying these things out loud. – P

You’re an activist? That shows that you care about something

Returning briefly to the subject of ‘What sort of people are involved in politics?’ (Remember, hate-blogger Cameron Slater thinks they’re dirty, disgusting, despicable people playing a dirty, disgusting, despicable game) I saw this in my Twitter timeline recently: Yeah, I can see where Glenn Greenwald is coming from, if a little defensively. It’s so easy […]

Settlement of legal action as a ‘peace premium’

I was fascinated by the language New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman used yesterday to describe a settlement agreement between multiple US government agencies and JP Morgan Chase bank over its actions in the Global Financial Crisis, reported as: NEW YORK (TheStreet) — New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on Tuesday announced a groundbreaking […]

Lily Allen – genius

I remember referring to a dodgy bit of ‘research’ (cough) sponsored by a beer company(!) which purported to a ‘finding’ that Lily Allen was a ‘negative twitterer’… which made me laugh, a lot, and was, I suspect, more a case of them not getting the edge, the sarcasm and the real-world social analysis which this […]

Spotted in the thinking room of a friend’s house …

Gulp.* – P * particularly the bit about piles of paper/stuff on the floor.

After the storm. You may have to go further than you thought.

After my 5 km this morning I rocked up to the beach looking forward to a swim … Oops. Probably the effect of the overloaded storm water system in the recent heavy rain. Either that or — as one of my fellow swimmers suggested this morning — so much dog shit on the beach it […]

Stress kills. Some more thoughts about litigation

From the Otago Daily Times The death of the leading criminal defence lawyer Greg King was a wake-up call over the pressures facing some defence lawyers, Prof Mark Henaghan said yesterday. Prof Henaghan, who is dean of the University of Otago Law Faculty, was commenting yesterday at an outdoor memorial service on campus, attended by […]

Some people use this as a checklist, some as a menu

I spotted this poster in the student health centre at my son’s new school (for next year). It made me consider the actions of some who seem to cycle their way though these behaviours without any apparent balance or accountability. Worth considering. Then there’s this, from a blog post-combined-with-a-bit-of-self-promotion (no foul) by reputation management company […]

Dealing with something new in your environment

This very cool photo, taken through the periscope of a US Navy submarine which had surfaced through ice in Arctic Ocean, shows a polar bear — investigating something remarkable, novel and outside its previous experience. (Well, I assume it hadn’t encountered a nuclear submarine’s tail fin before, but I can’t be certain.) Thinks: What is […]

How would the locals have dealt with a dead whale a hundred years ago?

I saw this online at the time Couple make whale of a catch from beach, and today came across it again, wondering: How would on earth would people have treated a whale carcass in days gone by? I don’t know. I suspect they would have taken more from the dead whale than a few ‘samples’ […]

The challenge of dealing with a whistle-blower

I referred in this post: Please read this NY Times column — ‘The Banality of Systematic Evil’ to the discomfort that ‘management’ can experience — and the poor decisions they can make as a result — when someone in their organisation highlights wrongdoing. Remember?: “… an accountant was dismissed because he insisted on reporting “irregular payments, […]

Rihanna at Vector Arena in Auckland last night

I went to this concert last night — and really enjoyed it. Read a review in the NZ Herald Concert review: Rihanna in Auckland (+photos). Here’s one of Sarah Ivey’s pics of this talented (and let’s face it, gorgeous) performer, Rihanna: Well worth going, if you get the chance. – P