For the most part, the people who attend Black Hat [Security Conference July 2011] are good guys who are there to learn how to keep our systems safe. As noted on ZDNet, Mac OS X security remains much better than that of Windows. Mac OS X 10.6.6 only included one security fix, while Microsoft’s February Patch (released last Tuesday) plugged 22 vulnerabilities.

Click to enlarge. (Observe Shaun Stenning's prominent Twalk 2.0 logo. A clue?)

Good guys, whew! … and what about these Black Hat guys?:

Remember my review of Geekversity spruiker Shaun Stenning‘s YouTube Traffic Thieves report… An odious little volume?

If you ask me, the tagline from the conference ‘DIGITAL SELF DEFENCE’ applies to any dealings with ANY such internet marketing spruikers.