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The Introduction ends…

Return to the Rental… Well, it is done; safe or not.  If I can get this over and done with before June and I’ll be back in the Hamptons just as the summer begins – only a few important parties missed.  In June, the real party season begins, boating, drinking, mingling and women.  If I’m […]

The Introduction continues…

Hmmm… I had hoped to be done with this nonsense but it seems that exnzpat is not going to let me enjoy my summer! I have received so many emails asking as to exnzpat’s health I should perhaps address that issue first… Murder in any sense, but especially in reality, is neither sensational nor exciting […]

By way of an introduction

Publisher’s note: Exnzpat’s own “exnzpat buys a rental” story starts here. Read from oldest to newest. ———– I would like to introduce myself. My real name is of no importance; however, by way of introduction, I should tell you that I was an attorney for this State’s Public Defender’s Office until just last year. A […]