Another in my series of ‘graphics that communicate‘ … this poster design for an upcoming event in Leigh next month really appeals to me:

Dam Native poster (click to enlarge)

Now the funny things is, I found the poster because this morning Facebook recommended I ‘friend’ Tame Iti (since we have four friends in common) and I wandered over to his FB wall to see he’d been tagged in a photo = this Dam Native poster. Voila.

So if the new proactive Facebook sharing was enabled, my other Facebook friends might have seen I’d viewed Tame’s wall … without my deliberately sharing that … and what business is it of theirs?

Actually, the few times I’ve met Tame he was very good company. He’s a thoughtful and articulate person. I bought my son a beautiful pounamu (greenstone) pendant from him which we still treasure like the taonga it is.

– P