Sienna Miller — subjected to numerous articles in 'The News of the World' containing 'intrusive and private information' That's NEWS? I think not. Why the interest? Because housewives and bimbos relished her downfall? Is that it?

Good to read that Murdoch’s The News of the World has admitted hacking Sienna Miller’s phone message system and repeatedly violating her privacy … and news today that they’ve ‘apologised’ and are paying £100,000 in damages and costs to her. Big deal. Callous so-and-sos.

It was purely business to them, the journalists, the editors, the publisher of the so-called The News of the World, no doubt. Make her life miserable with the repeated invasions, but make money from the (I suppose) salacious BS they printed about her. Call that ‘news’? I certainly don’t.

£100,000 seems small change — a petty price to pay for the ‘competitive advantage’ (vomit) the tabloid gained from invading her privacy when ‘the world’ thought Miller and Jude Law were ‘it’ …  and the vacuous so-called readers of the rag couldn’t get enough of them —  lapping it all up with ‘tut-tut’ sanctimonious faux shock.

How could those so-called journalists (phone hackers and their accomplices) sleep at night? How could they look their spouse and their kids in the eye? Had they no self-respect?

I’d rather sweep streets. Good honest work.

– P

PS Sorry for the grump. But they really do get my goat. Cold, clinical, criminals. Seeing the ‘celebrity’ as, less-than-human … as meat. Bleurgh!

Tell me if you see it differently.